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Rap Beats – Should I Buy Exclusive Beats or Non-Exclusive Beats / Leases

Rap Beats – Should I Buy Exclusive Beats or Non-Exclusive Beats / Leases


Lately one of the recurring questions that artists ask is if they should buy exclusive beats or non-exclusive beats / leases.  I have answered this question so many times that I decided to put it here but first let me explain something.  At we sell exclusive beats and non-exclusive beats or leases at a more than reasonable price.   When we post up new rap beats we typically make it available for sale exclusively and non-exclusive.   Customers usually buy leases for the non-exclusive version until the exclusive license is sold.  Once the exclusive license is sold we remove all “buy now” buttons and this particular rap beat is no longer sold.


Now back to the question at hand – exclusive beats vs. non-exclusive beats/ leases.


If you want to have the rights to enter into any type of a third party deal with the songs that you’ve created using one of our rap beats then purchasing exclusive beats is the way to go.  Once you purchase exclusive beats you will have administrative rights to the rap beats.  If you would like to have all of the stem tracks for the beat so that you could have your engineer mix the beat to suit your song then you should purchase exclusive beats because all exclusive beats are delivered in a tracked out format with all of the stem tracks clearly labeled.   If you don’t want to have someone else snatch up exclusive rights to the rap beat that you’ve fallen in love with then by all means buy exclusive beats because you are now in the drivers seat.


On the other hand, if you are doing this for fun, to gain experience, or as an experiment purchase leases or non-exclusive beats.  With our prices you have nothing to loose and you will have everything that you need to make your song.   A quality beat won’t hurt either.  If you think that you would like to sell some cd’s, internet downloads,  or do a live performance using one of the rap beats in our catalog then you are definitely going to need a license so purchasing leases or non-exclusive beats might be the way to go.


In the end what will really make a difference as you consider this question will be your overall commitment to the song. What do you intend to create with this particular beat?  Where you envision it going?  Will this be a keeper?  Am you working towards a deal and is this one part of your arsenal?  Are you just having fun?  Or what?  I think that when you ask yourself these questions and answer honestly you will know whether you should purchase  exclusive beats or a non-exclusive beats / leases.


At exclusive beats are sold for $149.99 and non-exclusive beats / leases are sold for $9.99.