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December 22, 2011
New Beats – "Justice League" "My Baby is My Heartbeat" "Double O Seven"
January 12, 2012

"Battle Tested" – New Rap Beat – from the "Category 1" Collection

rap beatsWe recently uploaded a new rap beat titled “Battle Tested”  to our catalog.  This  beat was originally intended for the “Canyon of Heroes”  collection, but competition got tight in the Canyon, and this one was sent back to “Category 1”   If you would like to download a tagged version of the beat for free visit our soundclick page.  Untagged versions of this rap beat are available for sale on our website at buybeatsandtracks.com, on our soundclick page and on our rocBattle page.    Take a listen!!  $9.99 for the lease and $149.99 for the exclusive!!