"Battle Tested" – New Rap Beat – from the "Category 1" Collection
December 25, 2011
Free Beats for the Hungry Artist
February 2, 2012

New Beats – "Justice League" "My Baby is My Heartbeat" "Double O Seven"

We recently uploaded 3 new beats to our website.  The first 2 beats were originally given away as free beats to members of our mailing list during our “Finish 2011 Strong and Start the New Year Right” giveaway.  In keeping with our customers’ tastes we chose to give away a rap beat “Justice League” and a reggae riddim “My Baby is My Heartbeat”   We’re pleased to say that quite a few people downloaded the beats so hopefully we’ll hear some really great songs soon.  For those of you who were not members of our mailing list at the time don’t worry  – we are always doing these giveaways and sharing information so go ahead sign up and you will be included in the next giveaway / promotion.

The third beat that we uploaded is “Double O Seven”  “Double O Seven” is somewhat of a hybrid.  This beat boasts an unruly snare drum akin to a dirty south trap beat punctuated with the steady drop of an old school dancehall riddim.  The style has a hardcore element to it and works well for both a dancehall artist (DJ or singer) and or a rapper.   “Double O Seven” is cataloged in the “Canyon of Heroes” collection  and can be found for sale on our soundclick page, our rocBattle page, and on our main website buybeatsandtracks.com. Take a listen!!  $9.99 for the lease and $299.99 for the exclusive!!