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April 3, 2014
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August 4, 2015

New Rap Beat Uploaded – Rejection Hurts


New Rap Beat Uploaded – “Rejection Hurts”

We recently uploaded a new exclusive beat to our website –   The new track  “Rejection Hurts” is a depressing  rap beat that might take you on a downward spiral of bitter expression.   The only thing bubbling is the bass, and the track is hard.

“Rejection Hurts”  is authentic Logwood flavor with a splatter of urban grit – If I had to paint a picture with words –  it might read something like this….

“Melinda  rounded the corner and pushed the cart up the block.   To her right, nestled in the courtyard of Linden Terrace was a small group of boys playing music and talking – but not the usual boisterous behavior……..more like a conference…..and from what she could see and hear…..there was going to be some sort of an outcome…….some sort of a resolution……some kind of action….”

As always this rap beat will be sold exclusive only for a limited time –  if you need it – get a taste and  lock it in!!

New Rap Beat Uploaded – “Rejection Hurts”