New Beats Uploaded – Rap, Reggae, Soca, Dancehall
August 4, 2015
downward dog
New Reggae Riddim Uploaded – "Downward Dog"
October 23, 2015

New Soca Riddim Uploaded – "Tantee a Get on Bad"

tantee 2

tantee 2New Soca Riddim Uploaded – “Tantee a Get on Bad”


About two weeks ago was Labor Day Weekend in NYC – and that meant non-stop party action around the place.  I was my wife’s birthday weekend so it was only natural that those of us who are always in the studio get a chance to go out and have good time.  I went to shows with  Junior Reid, Kevin Little, Sadiki and more.  I was able to make an appearance at Reggae Retro and hang out with Niya and Dom for a little bit…….I got to hang out with the artists that I work with all the time, and watched Deebzlenuz and Vernie debut their new duet……By day two / three (early in the morning) every one was very concerned that I was having too much fun, and that it might be in the best interest of the collective that I get back in the studio….so I did.

What came out of my experiences that weekend was something for my socaholics……a track called “Tantee a Get on Bad”  This soca riddim is not your run of the mill old time flavor, but something that will set you on the path to being the fete king – Here’s how the movie script would read if I were to paint a picture with words…

“Andrea had only heard about Busha’s parties – the action, the drinks, the body paint, the fact that the jam was going ‘right back to morning.’   Jasmine had warned her to dress appropriately and to leave her goody two shoes at home –  but she had no idea what she was walking into.  Once they made it past the bouncer- one of Busha’s notorious pit bulls – and walked down the corridor towards the hall she could feel the rumble of the bass through the soles of her feet.  The pulse of the party was electric and her arms were covered with goose bumps as the inner door opened and she got her first taste…..right then and there she surrendered…she was now a socaholic, and a socaholic for life.”

Due to our current push in catalog building – this soca riddim  “Tantee a Get on Bad”  will be available for immediate  non-exclusive sale and will be added to our publishing catalog.


New Soca Riddim Uploaded – “Tantee a Get on Bad”