downward dog
New Reggae Riddim Uploaded – "Downward Dog"
October 23, 2015
New Soca Riddim Uploaded – “Tic Toc Merriment”
January 26, 2016

New Ragga Rock Instrumental Uploaded – “Shatter”

Adele 1024-768

New Ragga Rock Instrumental Uploaded – “Shatter”

This track was originally built towards the end of 2015 – mixed during the holiday season and touched up in the new year.  For me this particular track is special because I have a great song that I wrote for it or should I say that I built the beat around.  If no one snatches this one up – I know this track will make a great addition to our publishing catalog and might just be the host for our next big hit.

Once again – I had a chance to work with some talented musicians and brought this to life with the help of Olton Robinson (bass)  Hagan George (guitars) Carol Hodge (drums) and Adrian (Pat) Albert (keys).  The results are raw with emotion and ishould capture your ear for a touching listen.

Shatter feels like the fabric of peaceful uncertainty splashed with the echo of loneliness, drenched in the tears of love,  drying in a wind of change and  warmed with a ray of hope.   It’s been quite some time since we dropped this type of authentic Logwood flavor, but here it is and versatility is the name of the game.

As usual this ragga rock instrumental will be available as exclusive only for a limited time.

Click here to listen to “Shatter”

New Ragga Rock Instrumental Uploaded – “Shatter”