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New Ragga Rock Instrumental Uploaded – “Shatter”
January 19, 2016
New Dancehall Riddim Uploaded – “Don’t Blush Baby”
February 2, 2016

New Soca Riddim Uploaded – “Tic Toc Merriment”


New Soca Riddim  Uploaded – “Tic – Toc Merriment”

This is one of those tracks that lies in that space somewhere between the worlds of dancehall and soca.  If it were strictly dancehall then it would fall into the category of “merriment” music where you feel as if you’re on a never-ending carnival ride.  If however if you think soca then you are on a whole different wavelength all together.  What is clear – regardless of which category you choose to put this one in – It is hot!

This strictly digital creation is intended to bring excitement and energy to the dance floor.  If you are looking for something spicy that will have the ladies wining – this is it.  if you want something with a solid bounce and a lot of punch – this is it.  If you just want to lock in that Logwood flavor on a seemingly familiar vibrations – this is it.

“Tic – Toc Merriment” is designed to help you to mash up the place, test out their wining skills, and done the dance – All in One.

As usual this Soca Riddim will be available as exclusive only for a limited time.

New Soca Riddim  Uploaded – “Tic – Toc Merriment”