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January 26, 2016
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February 7, 2016

New Dancehall Riddim Uploaded – “Don’t Blush Baby”


New Dancehall Riddim  Uploaded – “Don’t Blush Baby”

Take a moment to introduce yourself to our latest dancehall riddim“Don’t Blush Baby”.  This track can be easily described as ominous and foreboding while still maintaining a bit of a playful and mischievous edge.

A strictly digital creation – this beat lends itself to a traditional dancehall expression fused with the drop and feel of a popular rap / trap sound.  Feel like kicking some game?  Feel like you want to chat up someone or shut them down?  Do you feel like a superstar?  Do your accomplishments speak for themselves?  Well – if you can answer yes to any of those questions – this track might be the one to help you get your point across.

“Don’t Blush Baby” speaks to a level of confidence and playfulness that is only evident in someone who is at the top of the game with accolades and achievements to show for it….but don’t get it twisted…..a slip of the lip, and you might find yourself in deep sh*t

As always  – this Dancehall Riddim will be available as EXCLUSIVE ONLY for a limited time so check it out.

New Dancehall Riddim  Uploaded – “Don’t Blush Baby”