Dancehall Riddim – “Jammin Niceness”
May 16, 2016
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Tropical House Beat – “Spread out and Work”
May 16, 2016

Soca Riddim – “Side Piece”

Side Piece

Soca Riddim  – “Side Piece”


There are several popular definitions of a side piece.  The two most popular definitions are

  • A gal or guy with whom one is having intimate relations while he/she is currently in another primary relationship – except with no strings attached, no stress, no expectations, no bullsh*t.
  • A handgun – usually worn or holstered on one’s side – it is often assumed that this is a powerful weapon.

Side Piece is a high quality riddim that emphasizes the laisez faire attitude of someone who is not only confident in the possible outcome of a situation, but who also relishes in the enjoyment and satisfaction of the process.
With elements borrowed from soca, dancehall, pop, and rap -you can be certain that the right tune this soca riddim will touch a broad audience causing listening ears to perk up.   Side Piece maintains a  beat driven focus introduces catchy melodies and is backed by a pleasant chord progression – all while exuding an undertone of  intimacy and sensuality.
Get yours while you can – with the right side piece – you will always be ready for action.
Soca Riddim  – “Side Piece”