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Tropical House Beat – “Spread out and Work”
May 16, 2016
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September 2, 2016

Grimy Rap Beat – “Implode to Explode”

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Grimy Rap Beat – “Implode to Explode”


When Mr. Williams stood up and gave his famous speech at the BET awards the internet exploded.  There were some in support and there were those that opposed, and they all made sure to be heard.  Angry voices and opinions peppered youtube videos and angry words covered screens all across the country and around the globe.  Anger begat even more anger.


In some chemical reactions that are explosive in nature – a vacuum is created.  Elements combine with one another so quickly and violently that the concoction implodes releasing tremendous amounts of energy.  This energy then fuels a secondary chemical reaction that causes the by-products of the initial reaction to reverse polarity and release an even larger amount of energy as they explode….


This simple track embodies what I feel about the current political climate, the current social climate, the hateful rhetoric, the readily available footage of unfolding situations – all shot by phone cameras –  and of course the anger.  “Implode to Explode” finds us on the verge of that implosion as the filters are lifted and people openly express their opinions.


Check out “Implode to Explode” and see what you feel like expressing.



Grimy Rap Beat – “Implode to Explode”