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Inspirational Rap Beat – “Beyond Faith”
September 2, 2016
Dancehall Riddim / Electronic – “De a Wharf”
October 10, 2016

Emotional Trap Beat – “You Can Do Better”


Emotional Trap Beat – “You Can Do Better”


“You can do better” he said with a shy smile.  There was a hint of pity in the way that he said it….almost as if he knew that his words were hollow.  The two streams that began as a slow trickle flowed freely, and her thank you turned into a gut wrenching sob.  She collapsed into the couch and buried her pain in the palms of her hands.   He waited, wondering if she would come to the surface.

“You Can Do Better” carries the warm soothing energy of a good listener. Gentle strings, are combined with an emotional piano line and a relaxed trap beat to create some space where you can share your pain and find some comfort.



Emotional Trap Beat – “You Can Do Better”