If you need assistance with the mixing and mastering of your music we can help.

For mixing we use Equalizers, Compressors. Noise Gates, Reverbs, Delays, DeEssers, Modulation Effects, Pitch Correction Software, and automation to make your song sound great.

The process includes but is not limited to the following steps.

  • Audio editing and track cleanup
  • Balancing each individual track levels
  • Stereo placement of elements in the mix
  • Addition of effects to enhance sound and create excitement in the mix
  • Automation of effects, levels, and panning to create a dynamic mix
  • Recording a stereo mix
We also have several options as to where we mix your project. We can mix your song in an affordable project studio or in one of several commercial studios where we work in NYC. Because we use the same formula regardless of where we mix the outcome and overall product that we produce is fairly consistent. If the budget is a concern you can be certain that the mix done in our project studio will allow you to cut through the clutter and present your product with confidence. If you are able to invest a little more in your song and you wish to have it mixed in a commercial studio you can expect a product that will be more refined and translate well across all media platforms.

Project Studio Mix: $125.00

Commercial Studio Mix $425.00

We are not mastering engineers. The majority of our mastering work is done by a few commercial mastering engineers that we trust and rely on to assist with the completion of our products. As a part of what we do we engage our mastering engineers on your behalf and ensure that they do a great job so as to meet or exceed your expectations. In some cases our clients are not able to afford the cost associated with using a commercial mastering engineer so in those cases we fill the gap.

For mastering we use Noise Reduction, Compressors, Equalizers, Stereo Wideners, and Maximizers to give your song the punch, clarity, depth, and definition that it needs. The process includes but is not limited to the following steps.

  • Noise reduction - to remove unwanted noise that will be magnified upon maximization
  • Multi-band peak compression - to control the level of all frequencies
  • Corrective Equalization – to remove unwanted frequencies that are will too loud after maximization
  • Stereo Widening
  • Enhancement Equalization – for tone and harmonic enhancement
  • Maximization – to increase loudness / perceived loudness
Project Studio Mastering: $25.00

Commercial Mastering $100.00

If you are interested in having us mix or master some of your music we would be delighted.

Simply send us an email, and we will send you instructions on how to begin the process.