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You Can Do Better

Beyond Faith

Implode to Explode

End of the Line

Project Spread


Life on the Edge

Dark Linings

Easy on the Set

Rejection Hurts

Cloudy Skies

Living a Lie | SOLD

Within the Beast

Lonely Nights

The Lies She Tells

Predator Funk

King Size | SOLD

Ride on Em | SOLD

The Eiffel Tower

Orange Love

Concrete Soldier

Ghetto Luv

Red Zone Calico

Double O Seven

Discretionary Funding

Precious Time

A Dirty Dose

Justice League

Battle Tested

Desert Wind

Weekend Gladiators

Wonder Woman

Denim Rags (With Hook) ft. Ms Fit

Denim Rags Instrumental | SOLD

This is Why She's So High | SOLD

Can I Trust You?

Trapped for the Cause

The Silver Nipple Ring

I Saw Her Pout

Dustin Beaver

Let's Flow

Righteous Gentlemen

Tighten Your Screws

One Shot

Locked Up

Prisoner of Time

Sure It's the Right Thing

Westward Bound

Skate in Purple Vans

I Got Me a Bad Chick

Riding the Twerk Pole

Life's Silver Moments

Platinum not Silver

Lewis' Silver Watch

Shady Haze of Purple

Trust No One

Bridge to the Rock

Rough and Tumble

Flex that Baby

Crazy Lately


Hidden Warrior

Crystal Palace

Slippery Lips

You Brought a Knife to a Gun Fight


Upstairs the Diner

Building a Grind

Basic Instructions

Which Way To Go

A Light Scream

Your Way


Why Don't You


Force 1

Meet the Parkers